International exhibition Norfilex 2006

In the weekend of October 13th till 15th a national stamp exhibition was organised in Trondheim, Norway. One of the members of the MFN, Brit Gullvag, who was also the secretary of the organizing committee, took part in the exhibition with her motorcycle collection, titled “Pa 2 Hjul” (or in English “On 2 wheels’). As this was a competitive exhibition her collection was judged and she got 71 out of the 100 points and therefore her collection was rewarded with a great silver award. On national level this is a great result and as far as I understand from Brit she was very pleased with this result.

For those who are interested not only in the motorcycles on the stamps but also in their philatelic elements, I can advise them to take part in exhibitions. Despite all the work you will gain so much more knowledge of both motorcycles and motorcycling as well as the philatelic aspects. I hope that other members of the MFN will participate in exhibitions in future and we’ll get a real competition of motorcycle collections.

Brit, congratulations with this result and I hope the members of the jury have given you advise and suggestions to further improve your collection.

Nico Helling


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